Iranian Political Science Association

      Founded in 2003, the Iranian Political Sciences Association (IPSA) commenced its activities with the cooperation of 19 outstanding political sciences scholars as the board of directors. With a range of programs and services, IPSA brings together 350 members from some 40 universities, educational institutions and scientific and research centers to expand awareness and understanding of politics. IPSA is the leading professional organization for those teaching, studying and researching in the fields of politics and international relations as well as other professional fields of political study in Iran. IPSA conducted its board of directors’ election for the fifth time in 2013.
      Scientific Associations Commission ranked Iranian Political Sciences Association as an “outstanding” institution in the years 2010, 2011 and 2013 and praised it for its high performance.


      IPSA is a non – profit institution to promote and upgrade scientific knowledge of the members,  enhance specialists capabilities and improve education and research affairs in the field of political sciences and related sub – fields including:
      - Conducting scientific and cultural researches at national level.
      Cooperating with executive, scientific and research institutions to assess, review and conduct of teaching and research plans and programs.
      - Encouraging researchers and honoring outstanding scholars.
      - Promoting high quality educational and research services.
      - Conducting national, regional and international conferences, seminars and gatherings.
      - Publishing books and periodicals in discipline.



      A key part of IPSA’s mission is to examine barriers and problems in all fields of political sciences and to analyze current practices and trends applying a new approach to the issues related to this scientific field of study. In this respect, IPSA has conducted 7 annual conferences:
      - Evaluation of education and research in political sciences and international relations in Iran (2007)
      - Evaluation of education in political sciences and international relations (2008)
      - Evaluation of research in political sciences and international relations (2009)
      - Iran, Politics and Future Study (2010)
      - Iranian Approach to Political Sciences (2011)
      - Regional Security in Global Context: Analysis of Middle East Developments (2012)
      - Governance, Politics and Friendship (2013)


      Cooperation in National Conferences
      IPSA is proud to have played a part in providing a suitable environment for recognizing and taking advantage of the capacities and capabilities of educational, scientific and cultural centers as one of its other activities. IPSA has cooperated with and supported 9 national conferences initiated by these centers:
      - Cyber Space and Politics (2011)
      - History of Bahrain and Iranian Persian Gulf Islands in Documents (2011)
      - Middle East Studies in Iran (2011)
      - Two Years After January 25 Revolution in Egypt; Lessons and Achievements (2012)
      - Explaining the Concept of Moderation (2013)
      - Islamic Identity and Globalization (2011)
      - Social and Cultural Researches in Iranian Society (2012)
      - The Persian Gulf National Conference (2013)
      - Iran – U.S: Regional and World Order and Governance (2013)


      Scientific Meetings
      IPSA has convened 22 scientific meetings to keep members up-to-date with what is happening in the world of political studies and researches. These meetings are as follows:
      - Pathological Review of the Course of “Fundamentals of Political Sciences” in Iran (2005)
      - Pathology of the Methodology in Political Research in Iran (2005)
      - Political and international Dimensions of Israel Invasion to Gaza (2008)
      - Intimate Session with 35 Members of Association in the Iranian House of Artists (2010)
      - Series of Meetings on Security Studies in Iran, 4 meetings with the attendance of 20 political experts and scholars
      - Scientific Meeting on the 60th Anniversary of Nationalization of Oil Industry in Iran (2010)
      - Series of Meetings on Political Development, 4 meetings with the attendance of 40 political experts and scholars (2011)
      - Evaluation of Political Sciences in Iran (2011)
      - Pathology of International Relations Research in Iran (2012)
      - Analysis of Middle East Developments (2012)
      - Iran and International Relations Theories: Realism (2012)
      - One – Day Seminar on Recent Middle East Developments (2012)
      - One – Day Seminar on Scientific Analysis of Middle East Developments (2012)
      - Capacities and Barriers of International Interaction and communication in Political Sciencess Disciplines  (2012)
      - Iran and International Relations Theories: Peace, International Cooperation and Institutionalism (2012)
      - Pathology of Political Sciences’ Thesis and Dissertations (2012)
      - Geopolitical Analysis of Iranian Borders (2012)
      - Methodology of Regional Studies (2012)
      - Trends and Future of Developments in Egypt (2013)
      - Review of World Effective Essays (Habermas: Modernity, an Incomplete Project) (2013)
      - Review of Intellectual Trends in Iran with the attendance of Dr. Seyed Javad Tabatabaie (2013)
      - Foreign Policy of 11th Government and Economic Growth (2013)


      Honoring Outstanding Scholars
      The purpose of IPSA to hold Political Outstanding Scholars Memorial Ceremony is to honor prominent and leading scholars engaged in political sciences. In this respect, a meeting was held in February 2011 to pay tribute to the late Dr. Hamid Enayat and Dr. Ghassem Eftekhari. Moreover, IPSA in collaboration with the Humanities Scholars House and Iranian Association of International Relations convened another ceremony in May 2013 to honor 7 other pioneers in political sciences and international relations.


      Scientific – Research Quarterly Periodical
      Political Sciences Research Review (PSRR) is the journal of the Iranian
      Political Sciences Association. PSRR is committed to publishing articles that make a significant contribution to political sciences in different sub - fields of study. Up to present, some 31 issues of this periodical have been printed presenting 208 scientific articles, all of which are available in the website of PSRR in PDF format.


      Scientific Committees
      It was in winter of 2011 that Board of Directors of IPSA decided to establish 7 scientific committees including: Political Sociology, International Relations, Regional Studies, Political Thoughts, Political Economy, Student and Information and Public Relations Committees to expand scientific and professional cooperation among members of IPSA and various universities. Each committee has 5 to 10 members, one scientific secretary and one executive secretary supervising management and activities of the committee.


      Educational – Applied Workshops
      Iranian Political Sciences Association in a multi – year effort has organized several workshops to teach members and researchers in different sub-fields of political discipline. IPSA has initiated 16 educational – applied workshops on the following themes and issues:
      - Internet Advanced Search in Political Sciences and International Relations
      - Essay Writing
      - International Negotiations Skill
      - Discourse Analysis
      - Future Studies
      - Proposal Writing
      - Political Journalism (1 and 2)
      - Translation Skill
      - Europology or the Study of Europe
      - Political Thoughts
      - Online English Courses for the Students of Political Sciences and International Relations
      - Review of Ethnic Developments in Modern Iran
      - Methodology of Ethnic Studies
      - Thesis and Dissertation Writing
      - Analysis and Review of Political Issues of the Day


      Meetings of Book Review
      Iranian Political Sciences Association and its scientific committees have jointly reviewed and evaluated 13 books with the attendance of their writers, experts and intellectuals in different sub-fields of political sciences as follows:
      - Culture and Context
      - Foundations of Iranian National Identity
      - The Art of Identity and the Politics of Representation
      - Political Encyclopedia
      - Research in Political Sciences
      - Political Theology
      - An Introduction to Iranian Political Sociology
      - An Introduction to the Political Sociology of Ethnic Diversity: Problems and Theories
      - Political Thoughts of Muslim Thinkers
      - Parliament and Policy Making in Iran
      - Review and critics of the books and thoughts of Dr. Mahmoud Sari’olghalam including “Rationality and Future of the Development in Iran”, “Political Culture of Iran” and “Iranian Authoritarianism in Qajar Era”


      Launching Websites
      Expansion of the activities of the Association and necessity for posting on – time information made Iranian Political Sciences Association to launch 5 active websites including: a site for Iranian Political Sciences Association, an exclusive site for the quarterly periodical of Political Sciences Research Review, a website for Iranian Political Sociology Committee, a website for the forums and conferences of the Iranian Political Sciences Association and a site for IPSA’s Student Committee.


      Publishing three books and seven collections containing abstracts of the essays presented in the annual conferences of the Iranian Political Sciences Association are among the most important achievements of this scientific institution during its years of activity:
      - Book of “Status of Education and Research in Political Sciences and International Relations” written by Dr. Hossain Salimi
      - Book of “Iran, Politics and Future Studies” written by Dr. Mojtaba Maghsoudi
      - Book of “Status of Research in Political Sciences and International Relations” written by Dr. Mohammad Ali Shirkhani in collaboration with Dr. Mandana Tishehyar
      - Seven collections containing abstracts of the essays presented in the annual conferences of the Iranian Political Sciences Association convened between the years 2007 to 2013
      - 5 volumes of the newsletter of IPSA in written and electronic formats


      Cooperation and Interaction with Other Centers
      Concluding 8 cooperation agreements with scientific, education and research institutions, governmental and non-governmental alike, is another endeavor of IPSA to develop its scientific interactions. These 8 institutions are:
      - Institute of Social and Cultural Studies
      - Research Deputy of the Islamic Azad University
      - Islamic Azad University – Tabriz Branch
      - Iranian Association of Geopolitics
      - Islamic Azad University – Zanjan Branch
      - Iran University Press
      - Iranian Association for Sociology of Education
      - Iranian National Commission of Unesco


      National Studies Projects
      Iranian Political Sciences Association together with political specialists and researchers and postgraduate students has conducted 4 different study projects for Expediency Discernment Council and vice – presidency. These projects are as follows:
      - Assessment of Security and Strategic Studies in Iran for Vice – Presidency (2010 – 2011)
      - Political Development in Iran for Expediency Discernment Council (2011)
      - Assessment of Political Sciences in Iran for Vice – Presidency of Technology (2012)
      - Assessment of Ethnic Studies in Iran focusing on social health (2013)


      Expansion of Activities
      To expand its activities, IPSA set up two provincial offices in Tabriz (November 2012) and Zanjan (December 2012) in collaboration with the academic centers of these two provinces.


      Preparation of Strategic Plan
      To determine its 10 – year goals and strategies for the development of scientific and research activities, Iranian Political Sciences Association compiled its strategic plan (2011 – 2021) in winter 2011. This plan is available for all members of IPSA.


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