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Dr. Alireza Sayad Mansour, has recently passed away

شنبه شانزدهم مرداد ماه 1400

The Iranian Society for PhenomenologyIMG-20210806-WA0024 (ISP) announces with deep sorrow that our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Alireza Sayad Mansour, has recently passed away. Sayad Mansour collaborated as Co-Editor-in-Chief in the Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology (IYP). He recently shared his narrative of feminine living experience with us at Professor Heinämaa’s “Toward a Phenomenology of Sexual Difference” online meeting. May he rest in peace.
Alireza Sayadmansour (PhD in Philosophy, University of Tehran and Research Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Women and Family Research Institute (WFRI), Tehran, Iran) specializes in German and French phenomenology (esp. Martin Heidegger and Emmanuel Levinas), ethics (esp. moral responsibility and ethical embodiment), and philosophy of gender. To date, he has published numerous both Persian- and English-written articles on the above-mentioned areas.