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International Conference of the Iranian Political Science Association

يکشنبه بیست و هشتم مهر ماه 1398

International Conference of the Iranian Political Science Association

                     Politics ,  Iran  and  Forthcoming dilemmas

12 December 2019

     Tehran- Iran


The function of the Iranian Political Science Association as a civil society and scientific organization is neither to justify formal narrative nor to provide for the production of disorder. In the context of conferences and similar programs, the Society pursues a pathological procedure, a careful reminder and analysis of trends. Accordingly, the political science community is expected to bring the science of politics back into its dignity by designing a new discourse, a clear and credible and scientific method. The science of politics was co-sponsored by Socrates, Aristotle, Farabi, Khawaja Nizam al-Molk, Hannah Arendt, and others. This brilliant and deep-rooted dynasty is intertwined: a discipline of the public good for the revival of the living world.


Conference Central Question:

The central question of the conference is: What is the position of political science in contemporary Iran? From this perspective, where does Iran stand today and to which side? What exactly are the Forthcoming dilammas? What is the interpretation of the rapid developments and the high number of current movements in Iran? Now, what is the mission of Politics, politicians, scholars and philosophers? And where do they stand?


Conference Themes:

  1. The future of Iran’s foreign policy
  2. Iran and international economic coercion
  3. Iran’s regional cooperation: dream or reality?
  4. Iran’s new threats and opportunities
  5. Solidarity and fragmentation in Iran: determinants and effects
  6. The society for women in Iran
  7. Social and political agents in Iran: mosques, universities, clergies, minorities, ..


Important Notes:

Submission Deadline: 12 November 2019

Abstract format: no more than 300 words send to


Scientific Committees and Scientific Secretary:

The scientific secretary of the International Conference of the Association is

 Dr. Qadir Nasri, Associate Professor of Political Science and Contemporary Middle East Studies at Kharazmi University.

Scientific Committee members:

Dr. Asghar Eftekhari / Professor of Political Sociology / Imam Sadegh University
Dr. Ghodratollah Ahmadian / Associate Professor of Political Science, Razi University
Dr. Ahmad Bastani / Assistant Professor of Political Thought at Kharazmi University, Tehran
Dr. Sadegh Haghighat / Professor of Contemporary Political Thought at Mofid University of Qom
Dr. Javad Heydari / Assistant Professor of Analytical Political Philosophy at Shahed University
Dr. Mohsen Khalili / Professor of Political Science at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Dr. Zahra Dar Jan / Assistant Professor of Political Sociology at Bahonar University of Kerman
Dr. Mehdi Zakarian / Associate Professor of International Relations, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran
Dr. Farhang Rajai / Professor of Politics at Carleton University, Canada
 Dr. Abolfazl Delavari / Associate Professor of Political Development in Allameh Tabatabai University

Dr. Davood Firehi / Professor of Political Thought in Islam / University of Tehran

 Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Pour / Assistant Professor of Political Thought at Bahman University of Kerman

 Dr. Mohammad Javad Gholamreza Kashi / Associate Professor of Contemporary Political Thought at Allameh Tabatabai University

 Dr. Abbas Manouchehri / Professor of Political Thought at Tarbiat Modarres University

 Dr. Seyed Ali Mortazavian / Associate Professor of Political Science, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Center

 Dr. Mohsen Modereshanchi / Associate Professor of Political Developments in Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch

 Dr. Ali Morshedi Zad / Associate Professor of Sociology and Political Movement at Shahed University

 Dr. Seyed Ali Mirmosavi / Associate Professor of Political Science and Jurisprudence at Mofid University of Qom

 Dr. Ashraf Nazari / Associate Professor of Political Science and Political Psychology at Tehran University

 Dr Flavius CABA-MARIA/ President of Middle East Political and Economic Institute, Romania

 Dr. Rebecca Gould / Professor and Professorial Research Fellow, Islamic World and Comparative Literature, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Dr. Luciano Zakara /  Assistant Professor, Gulf Studies Center, Qatar University

 Dr. Baudouin Dupret/  Research Director at French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), and Professor in the Department of Economic, Social and Political Sciences and Communication at the Université Catholique de Louvain,(CNRS), France  

 Dr. Seyyed Hossein Seifzadeh / Montgomery College (USA) and Professor of Political Science, University of Tehran

Dr. Seyyed Hossein Serajzadeh / Associate Professor of Sociology, Kharazmi University, Tehran

Additionally, the Association proud to have valuable contributions of some political science professors and scholars who cannot attend directly at conference:

Dr. Seyyed Javad Tabatabai, Dr. Ayatollah Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad, Dr. Ghasem Eftekhari, Dr. Mahmoud Sariolghalam, Dr. Hatam Ghaderi, Dr. Mohammad Reza Tajik, Seyed Alireza Beheshti, Dr. Nasrin Mosafa, Dr. Ali Karimi Malleh, Dr. Ebrahim Hajiani, Dr. Amir Mohammad Haj Yusefi, Dr. Mohammad Taghi Ghezelsfali, Dr. Mojtaba Maghsoudi, Dr. Fatemeh Sadeghi, Dr. Shaghayegh Heidari, Dr. Seyed Javad Salehi and Dr. Ahmad Naqibzadeh.


Conference Turning points

  • "Iranian Legend of Politics" panel: pre-eminent professors who have taught more than fifty university semesters of politics.
  • “World Messages”: written and movie messages for the conference from international political science professors.
  • “Political Science Juniors”:  Logical reflection of the views of political science students
  • “Experts research project”: focusing on specific projects and research findings
  •  Extraction and dissemination of the meta-analysis of the conference as an academic document by the Iranian Political Science Association