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Issue 53 of the Journal of Political Science

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Fifty-Three Issues (Winter 1977), Journal of Political Science, is published.

801572106292 (1)In this issue, published in collaboration with the Institute for Cultural and Social Studies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, seven articles have been reviewed:


1. Islamic city and village councils and decentralization in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Gholamreza Ebrahimabadi; Sayed Abdul Rahim Abolhassani

2. Destruction and Negative Campaigns in the Iranian Presidential Election; Causes and Backgrounds
Mohammad Babaei; Sasan Moradi; Ali Asghar Ghasemi

3. Obstacles to the participation of women political elites in the field of political and managerial decision-making (Case study: Women MPs)
Zahra Heidari; Abbas Keshavarz Shokri; Zahid Ghaffari Hashjin; Ali Morshedi Zad

4. The Opposition Challenges of Social Sciences Scientific Societies in Iran and Its Impact on Political Development
Mehrdad Khoram Nasr; Mojtaba Maghsoudi

5. Investigating the Factors of Formation and Understanding of Cartier's Political Thought Based on Historical and Archaeological Evidence
Zeinab Khosravi; Behrouz Afkhami

6. Investigate Iran-Saudi Arabia's political and competitive approaches and hostility mechanisms
Hossein Alaei

7. The transition from modernization to democratization; political development in India and its lessons for Iran
Seyed Mohammad Mohammadi


Fifty-three issues of the Journal of Political Science can be read through this link.